Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids - Effective Ways To Alleviate Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

Published: 10th February 2011
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Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are nothing more than swollen blood vessels that formed outside the anus. These are initially internal hemorrhoids. Once they get pushed out on defecation and due to the eventual size, they remain outside the anus. This is the fourth-degree hemorrhoids. Blood clots then form in the hemorrhoids. The space they occupy outside the anus will thus make movement very difficult and painful for the sufferer.

There are ways to overcome thrombosed external hemorrhoids. We can choose either the medical intervention or the home remedies. The medical interventions include the use of hemorrhoidectomy, sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation and infrared coagulation.

Hemorrhoidectomy involves the use of either the local or general anesthesia. While healing may be a week or two, the risks include bleeding and infections. Sclerotherapy involves injecting medication into the hemorrhoids resulting in their shrinking. You can use infrared light to burn the hemorrhoids. The light burst cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoids. Two rubber bands are used around the base of the hemorrhoids. The blood supply will be cut off and the hemorrhoids will eventually fall off.

Home remedies include:

1. Ensuring plenty of fibers in food. Fibers are found in fruits, vegetables, brown rice and oats. The other foods include quinoa, nuts, whole wheat and seeds. The fibers will provide for watery bulk to the digestive tract thus ensuring formation of loose stools on defecation.

2. Soak the anal area in a warm water bath containing Epsom salt, herbal salt or just baking soda. The bath will cleanse the anal area as well as shrinking the hemorrhoids.

3. Take a tablet of Vitamin C 1000 mg daily as this supplement has been found to strengthen the blood vessels and also helps in shrinking the hemorrhoids when taken together with rutin and hespiridin. A capsule of Omega 3 1000 mg daily is essential to ensure the alleviation of inflammation. The supplement will also prevent the clumping of the blood platelets thereby ensuring smooth blood flow in the system.

4. Apply ice to the can be put in a bag and apply to the anal region. Cooling of the hemorrhoids and shrinking will result. You can also use lanolin, cocoa butter and glycerin as protectants as these will form a barrier between the skin, surrounding liquid, mucus and stool. The end result will be the elimination of itch, pain and irritation.

The use of surgery should never be a first option in the treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids because the above home remedies are also very effective. Only resort to surgery in very serious situations. In fact if you also control your weight and ensure that you are not overweight or obese, half the battle is won because there would no added pressure or stress on the pelvic and anal regions.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids should not result in undue stress to you because this ailment is not a very serious condition and the use of home remedies will be sufficient to alleviate the problem. The home remedies are not only very effective but they are also safe to use and easy to procure.

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